Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

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Location: Llanmorlais, Gower

Meet The Owner

At Hugh Phillips we are continuing a family tradition that began in 1878 when current owner Catherine’s great grandfather John Hughes ran an abattoir just across the road from us in Cwm Cynnar, Llanmorlais, Gower.

Now Catherine is working on making her produce available far beyond Swansea Market through the Hugh Philips online shop. The finest Welsh butchers is now just a click away.

Our Business

We believe the best meat comes from animals that are given the best quality of life. At Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher we’ve always thought it important to know the farmers that rear cattle we buy at market.

We buy our lamb and beef from local farmers, ensuring the animals travel as few miles as possible on the way to our abattoir. We’ve built up relationships with our farmers over many decades and they know exactly what we want.

We supply different types of lamb throughout the year. The start of the season brings tender, mild-tasting spring lamb, followed by Gower salt marsh lamb in the early summer. Raised on the unique herbage of North Gower’s salt marshes, these lambs develop a distinctive, sweet tasting meat that is rightly considered a Welsh delicacy. Later in the year we offer hogget, a more mature meat that has wonderful depth of flavour.

Our beef comes from limousin and chararolais cattle – breeds we have settled on after years of experience in farming and butchery. Like our lambs, our cattle come from local farms. By ensuring they travel only a short distance to reach us, we know that their stress levels are kept low. This is important for their welfare, and also results in meat with a better texture.

Contact info

Address: Wern Fabian Farm, Llanmorlais, Swansea SA4 3TB
Telephone: 01792 850789