Showcasing local, and independent businesses

Support small, local and independent! Join the movement today, and make a difference

Welcome to We are your Local, where we celebrate all and any local and independent businesses in your community. Our mission is to connect you with the unique and extraordinary businesses that make your neighbourhood special.

From charming coffee shops to talented tradespeople, from eclectic boutiques to hidden holiday gems, we’ve got it all. Our platform features a wide range of businesses that cater to every need, from food and drink to home décor, fashion, and beyond.

We’re passionate about supporting the local economy, and we believe that shopping local is the best way to do that. By choosing to shop with local independent businesses, you’re not only supporting your community but also discovering something truly special.

But we’re not just about transactions – we’re about building connections and fostering a sense of community. By supporting local independent businesses, you’re helping to strengthen the local economy and supporting the livelihoods of the people behind these businesses.

Join us in celebrating the diversity and creativity of local independent businesses.